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  1. Contestants cannot be or ever have been professional bowlers. Bowlers with an average of 190 or more shall not be eligible to win cash prizes.


  2. To qualify for an award, the contestant must bowl nine (9) consecutive frames in which a maximum of one pin is left standing. The final three (3) frames must be strikes in which all ten (10) pins are completely downed.


  3. Two non-competing official observers must certify that the event occurred.


  4. Upon successfully scoring strikes or leaving one pin standing in his or her first nine (9) frames, then a non-competing official must be called to the lane where the first nine strikes and/or nine pin knockdowns were recorded. This official must then witness the remaining three (3) strikes. The final three strikes all pins must be downed.


  5. No practice or warm up shots may be taken during competition.


  6. Handicapping may not be used in order to arrive at a perfect game. A minimum of nine (9) pins must be completely downed in the first nine approaches.


  7. The maximum weight of the bowling ball used will be 16 pounds.


  8. A foot fault will disqualify the bowler from the possibility of bowling a perfect game.


  9. For the purpose of this contest, a maximum of one payoff in the amount of $3,000.00 shall be made to the contestant that successfully records three perfect games, $2,000.00 to the contestant that successfully records two perfect games, and $1,000.00 to the contestant that successfully records one perfect game. In the event that more than one contestant qualifies in any of these categories, the applicable award will be split equally between the contestants who so qualify.



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